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Lauren Bryett

Lauren Bryett is a CCA qualified tennis coach teaching anyone from 3 upwards. Lauren has been coaching for over 10 years and has a lot of experience with both children and adults.
Lauren became the full time HeadCoach at both Inkpen and Hungerford Tennis clubs 5 years ago. An average week consists of her coaching about 100+ individuals.

Tennis is not just a summer game and so Lauren runs the term holidays all year around for both adults and children. Check on the Timetable for Term Time Courses, after school activities and teaching within local schools. Private lessons are also available through Tadley, Silchester & Newbury on request.

Lauren runs performance based junior courses and adult courses, as well as drills and private coaching.


Call Lauren to ask about coming along for a trial session on 07859 825 440

Junior Starter Groups

Children courses are split into classes according to level and competency. This allows the child to develop as fast as possible rather than have other children hold them back. Courses also includes development books and awards so the parents can also keep an active interest in the development of the child.

Mini Tots Tennis

Mini Tots is for children aged 3 to 4 years who are just starting lessons. This introduces the Mini Tot to hand eye co-ordination and movement skills for tennis. Tennis is an exercise that not only develops the child physically but also gets the child interacting with other children.

Mini Tennis Red

MT Red is for children aged 4 to 8. MT Red is played on a small court with small rackets and foam balls. Includes co-ordination, racket & ball skills & introduces basic techniques

Mini Tennis Orange

MT White is for children aged 8 to 9 . Mini Tennis Orange is played with a low compression ball on a 3/4 court. Mini Tennis White includes further development of basic techniques.

Mini Tennis Green

Aimed at 9 - 10 year olds and played with mid compression green balls. Mini Tennis Green is played on a full court with a low bouncing ball

Young Gun Tennis

Aimed at children aged 10 upwards and played with a standard tennis ball. Young Gun introduces tennis on a full court with a normal tennis ball. All children are put in groups according to their ability.

Young Challenger

Aimed at advanced players aged 11 - 15 years. Starts to develop the more advanced techniques including the use of spin.

Young Ace

Aimed at players aged 12 - 16 years. Includes a greater element of matchplay with both singles and doubles.

Top Gun

Aimed at players aged 13 - 17 years. Includes the use of advanced techniques and tactics for use in matchplay.

Adult Coaching Programme

Adult tennis players can select from a wide range of courses to find the session that meets their individual requirements

  • Adult Beginners
  • Adult Improver
  • Adult Intermediate
  • Pay to Play Tennis
  • Individual Tennis Lessons

Adult Tennis Academy

The Adult Tennis Academy provides evening coaching courses in an 8-week block. There is a maximum of 8 players of a similar standard in each group.

Adult Beginner

Adult Beginner is aimed at players that are just starting or just recently started to play tennis. The course introduces the main strokes and basic tactics for tennis.

Adult Improver

Adult Improver is aimed at players that have already received basic coaching or are returning to tennis after time away from the game. The course includes further development of techniques and tactics and the application of spin and use of grips.

Adult Intermediate

Aimed at players that are likely to play tennis in a club or social group. The course includes the development of more advance tactics and techniques.

For more information please contact: 0785 982 5440 or email: lauren@wbtennis.co.uk

Pay To Play

These sessions provide expert coaching in an informal atmosphere for women that want to learn basic techniques and tactics. The sessions include the opportunity for matchplay, and there is no need to re-book - just turn up and pay on the day.

Adult Drills

These sessions provide the opportunity for adults to improve technique and standard of tennis in a group.

Individual Lessons

Individual coaching is a great way of improving your standard of tennis whether you are an adult player or just starting to play the game or a club player that is trying to improve their level of performance. Individual lessons are available during the day and on evenings and weekends.

For more information please contact: 0785 982 5440 or email: lauren@wbtennis.co.uk

Holiday Camps
Kids need something to do over the holidays so how about getting them physically fit, socialising and learning a great sport in the mean time. Camps are run every holiday and half term for children.
Tournaments are run regularly in order to keep competition amd fun within the classes. It gives the children and adults to compete at one to one and doubles levels and to realise their improvement.

Email me :laurenwbtennis@hotmail.co.uk    or call on 07859 825 440

Web Links :

Facebook: West Berkshire Tennis Facebook Group

Hungerford Club: http://www.hungerford-tennis.co.uk/

LTA Website: http://www.lta.org.uk/

Clubmark Website: http://www.clubmark.org.uk/